Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The tally is in, and it was a lopsided NO, 66 to 33%. Somewhat surprisingly, there's not much difference in the mail vs. walk in votes

Election Day

We'll know in a few years who had a more accurate assessment of the County finances, and of forward going levels of services.

I never had any idea what broad sentiment was, and it looks like the silent crowd had a strong leaning against. We were called once for a phone poll, so someone had an idea-- but it apparently didn't get to the pro-side, who kept pitching strong. In retrospect, there didn't seem to be much juice in the anti-side, which suggests those who might have chipped in knew the result was forgone, and decided not to put more in.

It'll be time now for folks who care to push forward engagement with the beloved Mary N Piepho, perhaps to get a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) established, and work that way.

We may also keep record here of things that will have happened since this election, as a reminder of what people thought they we going to have left alone.


Anonymous said...

I have a general question: Is there a curfew in Alamo? I was messing around in my back yard around 11 p.m. on Friday when a neighbor said I was making too much noise. Politely, I apologized, acquiesced, and went inside. Did my neighbor have any legal footing to stand on?

tbv said...

I wouldn't think there's a legal curfew for you own backyard, mainly neighborly courtesy and possibly a noise ordinance.

There are some restrictions on Alamo Plaza downtown to stifle the rowdy middle-schoolers in the afternoon, but that it is an exercise of private property and not ordinance.