Friday, September 19, 2008

LAFCO Passed It, now to the Supes

I'll have a more detailed report later. Feeling the pressure of the calendar, and not feeling that anything new would become available before they would need to decide, LAFCO passed the measure on to the Supervisors to put on the March ballot last night, 4-1.

The informed opposition that emerged seemed focused on these arguments:
  • The economy is tanking, let's wait.
  • The expense projections are significantly understated.
  • Policing expenses, the largest line item, are particularly optimistic, and people will demand more.
  • The AIA has been harder to deal with than the County for building permits.
  • We're happy with the way things are, and like the county government-at-a-distance.
  • Government is waste, and this will add another layer with no added value.
47 people spoke a the public hearing, I'd say split slightly pro, but not by much. There were about 200 attendees at the start, and maybe 100 left at the time of the vote, pushing 9:00.

Media report from here.

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