Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Draft EIR

There are also new LAFCO documents related to environmental impact available:

Written comments on this Negative Declaration and Initial Study will be accepted from Monday, July 28, 2008 through Wednesday, August 27, 2008.

The first is short, one page; the second is an 86 pager.

Starting on page 3, there's a pretty good summary of what the incorporation process is, what steps are mandatory for the new City, and what things can happen only after the City has been formed.

PDF Page 19 has a nice scalable map of the proposed town, marking property boundaries. PDF page 23 has a map of County land use designations, and PDF pages 25 and 27 map zoning.

Key snip:

Although the majority of the incorporation area is located within the County’s adopted Urban Limit Line, it is speculative whether conversion of farmland would occur, or would occur more rapidly, as a result of the proposed incorporation since policies guiding future land use within the Town of Alamo would be addressed through the Town’s General Plan process. Until a new town General Plan is adopted, land use restrictions on the agricultural parcels would be the same as they are today, namely, subject to the terms of the current County General Plan. Consequently, incorporation of these agricultural parcels within the proposed boundary would result in no change.
- page 23

After page 28, it's boilerplate with "no impact" boxes checked.

The documents are also at the Alamo Community Foundation website.

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