Thursday, January 3, 2008

Media notice of "Silence" complaint

The Danville Weekly ran a story about the "silence" complaints made against AIM, with quotes from Kenber/AIM, and "no comments" from some of the vocal complainers.

The comments to the story say Kenber was self-serving, and that AIM is a "sick failure".

Well, of course he was self serving. He's a partisan, and it's to be expected. Duh.

At least, I think I understand what he is advocating, with many details not-painted because it's not possible to do that until later.

I don't understand at all what the "neighborhoods" are advocating, though they seem convinced AIM is wrong.


Anonymous said...

AIM is a joke. It is run by a bunch of people who have nothing better to do, except to cause problems for other people. They are not recognized and think they own the city. said...

Strong words from someone posting anonymously.

I fail to see what the personalities of the people involved in AIM has to do with the validity of the process, or the merits of the arguments for or against incorporation.

Are they any good arguments against? I haven't yet heard any.