Friday, October 5, 2007

Meeting Last Night

I went to an information meeting at the Creekside Church last night, and signed the petition. That seems harmless enough.

I was amused to see some literature that tickled my "clipboard crowd" sensors. The FAQ addressing the issue "but it's not broke, why fix it?" talked about a bunch of things they thought were problems The Town of Alamo ought to address:

  • Lackadaisical traffic enforcement by the CHP
  • Inability to set a teen curfew to address "wild parties"
  • Inability to stop "inappropriate" projects like the Chevron minimart.

Drat, I'm more or less in favor of the status-quo on all those points. I wasn't aware we had a traffic enforcement problem, or out of control wild parties that needed a curfew, and I like the new Chevron compared to the old one.

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